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14 Etsy SEO Tips for Reaching More Buyers

Do you have an Etsy shop that isn’t getting enough traffic? Or maybe you’re new to Etsy, setting up your shop listings, and want to get your SEO right away. Whatever the case, this article is all about Etsy SEO tips to help get more traffic to your shop.

I love Etsy and have for over a decade. I enjoy finding products, shops, and sellers that I wouldn’t find anywhere else. I’ve found so many amazing artists and makers on Etsy and purchased endless products as gifts for others and myself. I really like supporting Etsy sellers when I can.

I often find the shops I purchase from on the Etsy platform because of their search feature. This is how so many sellers get their traffic. If you don’t already have a built-in audience to send to your shop, you’re going to rely heavily on Etsy search. This is how shoppers find you. 

And that’s what search engine optimization is all about; it’s about choosing keyword phrases that people are searching for on Etsy and working to rank for that phrase. Don’t worry; we’ll chat more about all these Etsy SEO strategies later in the article.

These tips will help any shop, no matter the shop location, what you’re selling in the shop, or even the translation of the shop. 

14 Etsy SEO Tips for Reaching More Buyers.

What is Etsy SEO?

Etsy SEO has the same principles as search engine optimization for search engines like Google, in that you optimize your listings to show up in the Etsy search results. So, instead of the need for paid ads or driving your own traffic to your shop, the goal is getting your listings to show up when somebody is searching Etsy for a product. 

For example, let’s say you sell baby blankets. You could target a keyword phrase like “custom baby blankets,” and if your SEO is on point, you may show up in the results so that when a customer is typing that phrase in, people will find your blankets.

It’s all about choosing relevant keywords with high search volume and lower competition to appear in the Etsy search algorithm. You’ll want to ensure your phrase has relevancy to what you’re selling in order for the Etsy algorithm to pick you up. 

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words you would type into a search engine or Etsy’s search engine to find an item or answer you’re looking for. 

If you go to Etsy to shop for Mother’s Day, you may search for “funny mom sweater” or “dainty pearl necklace” — those are keyword phrases. 

The key, pun intended, to keywords is finding phrases that match what you’re selling but have lower competition and high search traffic. This will give you an advantage and a better chance of ranking higher in the search results. 

Etsy shop owners should be utilizing keyword phrases in their listings to boost their chances of increasing their sales. 

Finding the Best Keywords and Etsy SEO Tool

When choosing keyword phrases to use on Etsy, you don’t want to guess what search terms your customers are using! 

That’s where keyword tools come in handy. They can give details about phrases for your listings, including how often it’s searched and how competitive it is.

You really need to use a keyword tool specifically for Etsy to find and choose the best phrases for your listings. 

Let’s look at some of those Etsy SEO tools!

1. Marmalead

Marmalead is a beginner-friendly keyword tool that’s straightforward to use. It’s a good, solid tool that’ll help you drill down the best keyword phrases to use in your listings.

Features of Marmalead:

  • Keyword search tool – including long tail keywords 
  • Search volume results
  • Competition results
  • Seasonality tool – which allows you to see how a phrase performs throughout the year
  • Storm feature – which gives you a large list of keywords to consider
  • and more!

Marmalead offers a free 7-day trial