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Julia Wojnar Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Julia Wojnar, an accountability adviser at MasalaBody was recently featured in Wall Street Journal article, Seven Simple Steps to Feeling Better and Shedding Pandemic Pounds. She sheds light on the intriguing connection between spices and managing cravings.

In The Wall Street Journal article, Julia highlights the potential of spices like “cinnamon and peppermint may help diminish feelings of hunger, according to some studies,” offering a flavorful approach to regulating dietary impulses. Her recommendations center around simple yet effective strategies, such as swapping out sugar for cinnamon in coffee or indulging in a cup of soothing peppermint tea to combat mindless snacking urges. Additionally, Julia points out that “cinnamon also may reduce blood sugar in some Type 2 diabetes patients,” suggesting a broader potential benefit.

It’s important to approach these spice-based strategies within the context of a comprehensive approach to health, integrating them with a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

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